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Hardbuddies.com is a Member Supported Community

We want HardBuddies.com to be available for free to gay men throughout the world. However, the reality is that as our community grows, so do the cost of hosting and maintaining the site. If you enjoy HardBuddies we ask that you make a donation to help keep this site healthy and growing.

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How do I donate?


BuzzTickets.com (link opens a new window)

Checks can be made payable to 26 North Media, Inc. and sent by mail to:
26 North Media, Inc.
4211 NE 16th Ter
Oakland Park, FL 33334
How much should you donate?
There is no maximum donation, but the suggested minimum donation is between $20 and $40 per year. Some members donate much more than the minimum. We greatly appreciate these donations as they help to fund additional web site development for our members.

What do I get?
We will be reserving some of the more advanced site functionality for members who support the site. Things like video messaging, etc. are hardware and bandwidth intensive and will certainly be reserved for site supporters.

Members who support HardBuddies.com will enjoy premium features for one year from the date of their donation.


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