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Truckers and their buddies

If you have any problems or suggestions about these groups, please let me know!
-- Hardbuddy

Truckers and their buddies

Truckers and their buddies

Welcome to this group where I hope truckers on the road will be able to get well deserved raunchy time, and why not a good back rub from a new friend.

If your trucker buddy needs quick no string attention, while driving through, or a restful sane conversation with or without the sexual relief, always be prepared to drive a few miles to go greet him. Get to know the highways and exit numbers. Don't make it more complicatated than necessary for our trucking friends. They are very busy and have no time to waste.

Truckers who like being serviced by in shape men here should find respectful masuline men. Jocks will find many very masculine loners that will take no drama or bullshit from anyone.

Finally I invite truckers to let me know how HardBuddies members treat them.

Enjoy the ride and the rest.

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